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"I'm on a MISSION to EMPOWER and ENRICH men and women on understanding the POWER they possess in their relationships. Enriching to overcome brokenness, you are Valuable. "Know Your Worth!"

Know Your Worth 2018 Conference was Amazing!

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"The Dating Devotional:

60 Day Guide to Revamp

Your Thoughts on Dating"

My new dating devotional is scheduled for release Summer 2020. This book will dive into the core of the subconscious issues we deal with when it comes to dating and finding that lasting love; while feeding the mind with inspiration on how to break free of certain emotional woes in dating. 

Coming Soon 2018

If you have ever questioned your value of worth in the dating process, in relationships and even after break-ups, then this course is for you. Often times, in life, we get motivation and inspiration from certain places to get us through, but where is the motivation and pick me up for our mindset after we have experienced some the most traumatic hurts in our relationship and dating experiences. When you register for this online video workshop; you will learn principles you can use to help navigate you back to loving and appreciating the whole "YOU" before, during, and after your relationship. Prepare to be REVAMP!

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